Permanent Alimony Petition And Modification In Seattle

In Washington, there are no specific rules regarding the payment of alimony/spousal maintenance. What this means is that it is up to the judge assigned to your case to decide on how alimony will be paid, if at all.

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Permanent alimony/spousal maintenance is a type of alimony ordered for the rest of the awarded party’s life. Alimony is typically automatically terminated whenever either party dies or remarries. However, in the case of remarriage, it is possible for permanent alimony to continue if approved by a judge.

Maintenance Order Modifications

If you have already received an alimony/spousal maintenance order but would like a modification, we can petition the court to increase/decrease the amount of your alimony/spousal maintenance payments, depending on the details of your case. A modification is never guaranteed, but if you are having financial difficulty it might be possible to petition the court.

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