Let An Experienced Family Law Attorney Direct The Narrative

When you’re well-known in the community or even nationally (or around the globe), a divorce can prove more than financially troubling. Such a change to your life can prove a little embarrassing on the public stage.

That said anyone with some notoriety should definitely look to see what the possible public relations fallout from a divorce will be.

In one case making its share of headlines in early 2017, the son of President Joe Biden has his name all over newspapers, tabloids, and the Internet etc. for his pending divorce.

Making the divorce even juicier for the media, the fact that not only is this the son of a former VP (and current President), but the son is reportedly involved romantically with his late brother’s widow. As you can see, this has the makings of a public relations nightmare for the family.

Knowing The Right Things To Say Regarding Your Divorce

While many people in the public limelight have public relations pros along for the ride, it does not hurt to consult with divorce experts, specifically one’s family law divorce attorney, when going through this major transition in life.

For one, a Seattle family law attorney can prepare you on what potential financial fallout you’re going to be looking at from your divorce.

Unless you are a financial wizard, you likely do not know how the divorce will play out in terms of potential alimony payments, having to lose a portion of your retirement benefits to your ex, and what you might be responsible for in terms of child support (if applicable).

When the rumors start to swirl around the media, knowing how your divorce is likely to go down in terms of financial commitments on your parts makings things somewhat easier.

With that information, you can discount any falsehoods, along with following up on any potential libelous statements made about you during your divorce.

Setting The Spin On Your Divorce

Lastly, your family law attorney in Seattle can not only help you with your divorce proceedings, but he or she can be a great sounding board for any public relations questions you might have. Given all the divorce cases they’ve dealt with over the years, they have likely seen just about everything when it comes to two people parting company.

Even if you’re not the most famous man or woman in the Pacific Northwest, your divorce case could very well end up in the local papers or on television etc. As such, it is only a matter of time until it is likely on the Internet in some form or another.

In order to make sure the right spin is placed on your divorce moving forward, work with your legal team to best manage your side of the divorce. Contact us online or call 206-536-2875 today.