Child Custody With Nonrelatives

As any Washington family law attorney can tell you, divorces can run the gamut from fairly peaceful and cooperative to downright nasty. The attorneys and courts attempt to shield the children from the process as much as possible because all available evidence supports that children suffer long-lasting, negative consequences when they are put in the middle of their parent’s dispute.

Even when divorce is not the issue, however, the “in-fighting” over children can take a nasty turn.

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A Seattle Family Lawyer Can Help With Custody Issues

Is it possible for you to obtain guardianship or nonparental custody of a child who is not your biological child?

It is more likely that you will succeed in your bid to obtain guardianship or custody of the child or children if the biological parent or parents are absent or if their presence results in a detrimental environment for the children. If the biological parents are unable to maintain a stable home, or if they have lengthy criminal records, a history of drug or alcohol usage or abuse and are actively engaged in substance use, and/or they show little or no interest in performing parenting duties. one or ones involved.

Family Law Questions

Among the issues to discuss with a family law attorney in Seattle:

  • Why you have an interest in the child and why you would be a better parent than the child’s biological mother and/or father
  • Why you feel the child or children may be in a bad situation presently in their current home
  • What it will ultimately take for you to become their legal guardian

Having a family law attorney on your side certainly doesn’t guarantee you will end up being the child’s legal parent, but it certainly does give you a better shot at that goal.

If you feel like you’re the best individual to parent a non-related or adopted child who has come into your life, make that call today to a Seattle attorney specializing in family law. Call 206-536-2875 today for more information.