Facing Domestic Violence? Our Lawyers In Seattle Are Here For You.

Domestic violence should always be taken seriously. Sadly, divorce, custody disputes and domestic violence often go hand-­in­-hand.

If your family is embroiled in a domestic violence situation, please contact our team at V. Freitas Law to discuss how one of our Seattle domestic violence attorneys can help you.

We can help you:

  • File for divorce
  • Acquire protection orders
  • Get emergency custody of your children
  • Get emergency spousal support
  • Notify the family court of acts of violence

Our lawyers will prioritize your safety and that of your children.

Is Your Child’s Safety At Risk In A Divorce Battle?

When children are involved in a divorce, emotions can run sky­-high. Not only can a child’s mental health be at stake in a divorce, but also their physical well-­being.

Having a divorce lawyer backing you is nothing short of imperative. We can fight for not only your rights but also those of your child or children, many of whom often are caught in the middle. We are highly experienced in all aspects of child custody. We also handle international custody cases where one parent has taken the kids abroad or threatened to do so.

Protect Your Children From Child Abuse

If you suspect that your soon­-to-­be ex­-spouse or someone they are dating has abused one or more of your children, contact our lawyers for help. Make sure to gather:

  • Any evidence showing your child or children was physically or mentally abused. This can include not only photos or video of bruises and scratches (see more below), but also any recorded statements from inside and outside the home, etc.
  • Any statement from a doctor, psychologist, teacher, etc. indicating your child was mentally or physically harmed by your spouse.
  • Any evidence indicating your child has been acting out against others in retaliation for being abused by a spouse. In some cases, the child will pick fights at school with classmates or talk back to adults.
  • Any evidence pointing to the fact your child or children want nothing to do with the alleged abuser. They may be hesitant to go spend time with your spouse when it is his or her turn to have the children.

We can help you gather this evidence to build a strong case.

We Can Step In And Provide You With Options

We may be able to help you stay in your family home, especially if you have children. If you do not feel safe staying in the home, then we will seek a protection order. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into moving from your home or signing any documents a violent spouse may try to push you into.

Our Seattle family lawyers are standing by to help. Please contact our firm immediately to learn more about how we can help your case. Call 206-536-2875 or send us a message online.