Fathers’ Rights

It is an uncontested fact that in the not-so-distant past, family courts have been unduly biased against men. Surprisingly, the source of this bias has its roots in an older legal establishment in which primarily male judges adhered to traditional, paternalistic notions of male responsibility for support of the family and of a woman’s responsibility for nurturing children in the home.

The predictable outcome of such a dynamic invariable led to women being granted custody of children and men being consigned to the alimony/child-support chain gang, with limited access to their offspring.

The Divorce And Family Law Playing Field

Times have changed. There are now many more professional women in family court positions who balance career with homemaking in conjunction with their partners and find themselves more sympathetic to the cause of men. In King County, this new genre of legal professionals who preside over family law matters have now been trained to respect the roles of both men and women within the family unit. The playing field has now been pretty much leveled.

As a MAN who is seeking a Seattle family law attorney to champion your cause in a property settlement or child custody case, you should look for a firm that can analyze a case and craft an effective strategy to deal with the variables, has well-honed negotiating skills and enjoys a well-earned reputation for credibility with the courts. A lawyer’s bias or preconceived notions for or against a particular social or political group will never benefit the client’s case before this new genre of family court judges. At the law offices V. Freitas Law, our Seattle family law attorney team shows no bias whatsoever based on gender, social cause or political viewpoint.

The Seattle Family Man’s Lawyer

So, as a MAN confronted with a difficult divorce issue, why would you be inclined to retain a Seattle family law attorney team composed entirely of highly skilled, professional women to champion your cause? Paradoxically, the answer is, “Precisely for THAT reason!” We can and will bring to the table all the many years of successful experience we have had representing countless Seattle-area women in divorce cases, turn that table and put our formidable skills at YOUR disposal.

A Divorce Attorney Who Represents A Man’s Interests

The presence of V. Freitas Law in a Seattle court of family law on your behalf will achieve for you a level of credibility of such heights that you could acquire in no other way. Better you should retain us before your ex-wife does. We too, at V. Freitas Law, PLLC, have a vested interest in enhancing our reputation as unbiased champions of justice and will unhesitatingly go the extra mile to represent your interests as a MAN. Think about it! We eagerly await your email or your call at 206-536-2875.