Family Law Myths: Drama-Filled Divorce

Going through a divorce can be rather upsetting for some individuals and couples for that matter. While some handle a divorce with relative calm and patience, others can see their lives turned upside down.

So, if divorce has your name on it, how do you think you will handle it? Just keep in mind that not all divorces are cut and dry. For some couples, divorce can turn into nothing short of a drama-filled reality event as the following cases from show.

These Divorce Myths Turned Out To Be Just That

  • Holidays don’t matter when getting divorced – Sure, some divorces are in fact rather simple. But what happens when personal feelings and even important holidays get in the way? In one case, a woman in the middle of a divorce simply wanted to spend the Passover holiday with her child. Unfortunately, her soon-to-be-ex said she could not have the child for the holiday. Up to that point, the judge in the case appeared to be siding with the husband. As it turns out, the judge, who in fact was of the Jewish faith, got wind of the husband not allowing his wife to spend the holiday with their child. The judge proceeded to throw the husband in jail for five days. The moral of the story is be careful not to mess with someone’s holiday.
  • Your texts and social media posts are safe from prying eyes –You hear about teachers and students having inappropriate relations. Even so, you do not expect them to be a part of your life. As was to be the case, one man found out his wife (a school teacher) had slept with one of her male teenage students. She ended up being taken into custody and charged with pot smoking and statutory rape. Given the teacher and her student shared a texting relationship too for several weeks, those texts would come back to haunt her. The student’s girlfriend got wind of the texts and found out about the relationship after getting into his Facebook account. Needless to say, this one teacher failed the grade.
  • Verbal abuse is easy to get away with – Keep in mind that verbal abuse of a partner can be as damaging as physical abuse. One woman was so verbally abused and manipulated by her spouse that she seemed to have lost her desire to fight back. Not willing to let her go down without a fight, her legal team proceeded to convince her to go through with a makeover (new outfits, makeup, etc.). Before long, the woman had her fighting spirit back. She gave her husband something to think about when she showed up in court looking and acting nothing like the woman he had verbally abused for so long. In the end, she showed her soon-to-be-ex she would no longer take his actions. She wound up winning in court.

Is Your Divorce Turning Out Strange?

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