Religious Divorce

In going through a divorce, your physical and emotional well-being can certainly be put to the test. With that in mind, working with a Seattle family law attorney is as important as any decision you will make, especially when your divorce is being put to the test on religious grounds.

For some not aware, there are religious laws in place, laws mandating their followers to follow a number of rules prior to their divorce being seen as official within the bounds of their religion and or religious community. That said, meeting one’s religious regulations when it comes to divorce can actually be more challenging than the prerequisites on the civil side of a divorce.

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By having an experienced family law attorney in Seattle on your side, they can advise you of what you may be up against, making it clearer as to how you can satisfy all of the issues present to obtain a legal divorce that still meets your religious needs.

Finding A Seattle Family Law Attorney When Your Divorce Turns Religious

In looking to get your divorce proceedings off and running, share with your family law attorney any religious concerns.

Types of religious divorces include:

  • Jewish divorce – Biblical law states that a married couple is allowed to go their separate ways only through the passing of a bill of divorce from the man to the woman. Known as a “Get,” the document will serve as evidence of the marriage’s dissolution. If the man does not provide his wife with the document, she is unable by Jewish law to remarry. Essentially, the woman is stuck when it comes to moving forward with her life. Ask your family law attorney about having them help advise you in not only working within U.S. courts but also via your Jewish community’s religious leaders.
  • Islamic divorce – Under this religion, either the husband or the wife can initiate divorce proceedings. The Islamic legal sections are typically known as Talaq (repudiation), Khul (mutual divorce), and both are judicial divorces and oaths. Since many Islamic marriages are officiated via Imams, a Muslim divorce lawyer oftentimes will be required to work with the man and woman’s Imam, along with pointing out means through the present legal system to divide property, assets, liabilities etc.
  • Christian divorce – Finally, a Christian divorce can involve myriad understandings in and out of the legal system. For example, the Catholic religion does not agree with someone remarrying within the church following their divorce. In most cases, an annulment must also be part of the process. Meantime, most Protestant divorces are less complicated, though disagreements involving the two parties (problems caused by one individual etc.) can make the actual divorce a messy matter.

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Do your best to keep your divorce as stress-free as possible, especially when religion plays a significant role in your life whether you like it or not.

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