Family Law Myths: Visitation

If My Child Does Not Want To Attend Visitation, I Have No Obligation To Force Him Or Her

False. The conditions outlined in the court-approved parenting plan are word of law. Any willful failure to abide by the terms of that plan will be construed as contempt of court. You can be fined, imprisoned, compelled to pay attorney fees, lose your custody rights whether physical or legal, and/or suffer other serious legal consequences should you fail to strictly adhere to your child custody order. Your divorce judgment demands that you scrupulously adhere to all of its provisions. The overriding rule governing juvenile dissent with regard to visitation rights is that the parents, and NOT the children, are presumed to be in control. Complying with visitation orders commands the same level of duty as do other specified requirements that are in the best interest of all parties.

Seattle Court Ordered Child Custody Visitation

There are some circumstances under which you may feel justified to countermand the court-ordered visitation rights. If you have good reason to believe that your children are in imminent danger of being neglected, injured or otherwise abused by your spouse, still, you should NOT take matters into your own hands wherein a judicial process is available.

The best course of action would be to immediately consult with an experienced Seattle child custody attorney such as are at your disposal at V. Freitas Law, PLLC. A member of our skilled Seattle child custody attorney team can advise you of a course of action that will comport with the requirements of law in such a manner as to ensure both the safety of your children and the continuity of your custodial rights. To do otherwise may well jeopardize both. Should such an emergency situation arise we can draft and file a petition for emergency injunctive relief in a short period of time to temporarily allay the immediate problem. This can be followed up by a timely motion for modification of the parenting plan to entirely eliminate the problem once and for all.

Child Visitation Laws In Seattle

At best, parenting is a difficult task. The difficulties are inevitably exacerbated under the condition of a dysfunctional and dissolute relationship. While many times differences in priorities, opinions and preferences between reasonable people can be amicably resolved, sometimes they cannot.

Should you find yourself confronted by such a circumstance, feel free to contact the V. Freitas Law, PLLC, Seattle child custody attorney team at 206-536-2875. We can help put your mind at ease. The solution is as close as your phone.