Divorce Traps

Divorce is, of course, a very trying emotional experience, and dealing with a pending divorce requires a rational clarity of mind that focuses on the long-term consequences. There are several financial mistakes that a divorcing party can make.

In order to help you avoid some of the more serious of these divorce traps, we at V. Freitas Law, PLLC, would like to point out some of the more salient traps you might fall into.

Our Family Attorneys Can Provide A Professional Assessment

Firstly, if your divorce is being “mediated” by a professional, you should be aware that the mediator’s job is little more than to reach a “settlement.” This “settlement” may or may not reflect your best interests. For a truly professional assessment of where you are likely to find yourself after a divorce, and how to land on the “softest” spot, there is no substitute for the type of seasoned professionalism that you will find by retaining an experienced Seattle divorce attorney.

However, retaining an “expensive” Seattle divorce attorney might prove to be a costly mistake. You should choose an attorney with whom you are comfortable, who fits your budget and who actually listens to you.

You Will Need A Precise Divorce Agreement In Seattle

Finally, having a vague divorce settlement agreement is a sure guarantee that you will end up back in court. Child custody, debt settlement, taxes, division of property and retirement plans should all be spelled out clearly and unequivocally. Forgetting to change the beneficiaries of your will can have disastrous consequences for your children should you neglect this detail.

There can be no substitute for an experience Seattle divorce attorney to avoid these common pitfalls. A mere “mediator” will not necessarily take them into account. For the most professional type of representation you could find, call our Seattle divorce attorney team at V. Freitas Law, PLLC. Call 206-536-2875 or send us a message online to find out how we can help.