Divorce Myths Introduction

There are precious few circumstances in a person’s life wherein the services of a skilled legal professional will prove more valuable than in the area of family planning during a pending divorce. For most individuals,
divorce is a unique experience for which they find themselves both emotionally and intellectually unprepared. Most couples are overwhelmed by the sheer volume and complexity of the many issues that must be addressed and this is particularly true when minor children are involved.

At V. Freitas Law, PLLC, we are committed to the sanctity of the family as the fundamental unit of government in our society and our focus has always been and will continue to be on maintaining the cohesiveness of family ties so that those bonds may be best preserved to the benefit of all concerned.

Divorce Myths: Family Law Diplomacy

In the framework of a contentious divorce preceding this is often a difficult task and one that requires diplomacy, consummate legal knowledge, and above all, human compassion. In our 20 years of specialization, our Seattle child custody law attorney team has acquired the wisdom and experience
to guide you around the many, unforeseen pitfalls and roadblocks that would otherwise never occur to the uninitiated. We would be honored to put that experience at your disposal so that you and your family members can move forward toward a more fulfilling life.

Our Family Attorney Will Explain The Law To You

Your children will always be your most precious asset. As such, a healthy concern for their custody and support should be of paramount importance. There are many misconceptions that have gained currency regarding Washington’s child custody laws. Most people receive such information as they have from friends, television news or inaccurate articles they glean from newspapers.

To some extent, these misconceptions have acquired the status of actual “myths.” I would like to disabuse the reader of some of these common misconceptions by debunking four of the most common myths to enable a more realistic approach.

Other Myths in Family Law:

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