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If you are going through a divorce or need to resolve another type of family law case, it is possible that you will be ordered into mediation. Mediation is a type of nonlitigation meeting where opposing parties can discuss their issues out of court. The parties can meet with their attorneys as representatives, or just with each other and a third-party mediator.

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Mediation is a fantastic solution for resolving divorce issues without the imposition of a judge or the court. Nothing said in mediation can be used as evidence during a court hearing, so both parties can feel free to express themselves fully. In some cases, opposing parties can completely resolve their cases within mediation and just enter a solution into court. This saves money on court fees as well as diminishes the stress that comes with having to go to court.

At V. Freitas Law, our Seattle mediation attorneys can represent you during a session of mediation or conduct a session for you. Mediation can be scheduled to resolve settlement agreements, enforce court orders, discuss child custody and support matters, and much more.

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