Locating Hidden Assets In A Divorce

When you and your spouse are navigating your way through a divorce, the subject of property division may be looming over your heads. If your spouse is reluctant to equally share your assets or protect specific assets from the division process, they may go to great lengths to hide them. So how can you find these hidden assets before it is too late?

Here at V. Freitas Law, PLLC, we have more than 50 collective years of experience in tracking down assets and money that spouses try to hide from the divorce process. We know where to look to secure the funds that you deserve, and we know how to do it swiftly and efficiently.

How Can You Be Sure About The Division Process?

If you and your spouse did not keep highly accurate records, or you were not the one who was in charge of your finances in your marriage, it may be challenging to find the information you need for property division. Lack of information makes it very easy for spouses to hide funds or assets before dividing them.

We help our clients by undergoing thorough property and asset investigations to determine what is available in the property division. We seek to obtain and review critical documents like tax returns, financial statements, account statements and loan applications to determine if anything is available that your spouse does not want us to know about.

It is hard to account for assets that you don’t know about. Leave the guesswork out of your high-asset divorce by letting our experienced team do the searching for you.

Let Us Do The Looking

If you have a suspicion that your spouse is attempting to hide assets during your divorce, do not let them get away with it. Our team can help you bring to light anything that your spouse may try and hide so you can get the assets you deserve in your divorce.

Schedule your initial consultation at our Seattle office today to take the first step in finding any missing funds. Call us at 206-536-2875 or email us here and take the first step in searching for hidden assets.