Divorce StorY # 2

You killed my dog?

That is one extreme example of what can happen if you are not careful when going through a divorce:

In that case, a husband thought he could trust man’s best friend with his soon-to-be-ex as they separated prior to the divorce becoming final. He asked her to take care of their dog while he went out and searched for a new place to live. To his horror, she reportedly had the dog put down although there were no indications the dog was seriously injured, ill or near death.

Now, most divorces do not end up with a pet being unnecessarily euthanized, but this example is helpful to consider when you embark on the dissolution of your marriage.

In going through your divorce, it is helpful to make sure you and your partner are in agreement in as many areas as possible to minimize conflict and misunderstandings. This is especially true when pets are involved, apparently. 

With the right family law attorney, you feel a little bit better knowing your interests are being looked out for.

Chances of your divorce being so dramatic will be a lot less should hire the best divorce attorney available.

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