Stepparent Adoption In Seattle

Stepparent adoption is actually one of the most common forms of adoption in the state of Washington. At V. Freitas Law, our Seattle family attorneys welcome any blended families looking to make their status legal. While the thought of the legal process of adoption can be overwhelming for some, a Seattle adoption lawyer from our firm can help simplify the process.

In Washington, stepparents may adopt their spouse’s children once they have received written permission from any biological parents. A home study by a state social worker will also be required. Once these two matters are resolved, the finalization of the adoption is really just a matter of submitting the paperwork for a judge’s approval.

Our Experienced Family Law Attorney Can Help

In cases where the biological parent does not want to terminate their rights, or the biological parent cannot be found, the case can become more complicated, however not completely untenable with a Seattle adoption attorney from V. Freitas Law.

If your family is considering stepparent adoption or any other type of adoption in Seattle, please contact our firm today for an evaluation of your case.