Divorce StorY # 5

Making His Soon-to-Be-Ex Look Bad

Did you hear about the case of a man who went out and hired legal help after discovering his wife (a high school teacher) had been sleeping with one of her students. She was also reported to have used marijuana with the student. In the end, the wife was arrested for statutory rape.

Now, along with the heartache for the man filing for divorce knowing his wife cheated on him, he would also go on to find out that his wife had a child with the student. Can it get much worse than that?

Should you be suspecting of your spouse of any behavior that would impact their ability to be a safe, stable parent, your best bet is to gather as much evidence as possible.
In today’s digital age, social media leaves quite a footprint.

As such, check to see if there is any chatter, photos etc. on your spouse’s social pages or those that know them. You might also find evidence around your home such as notes, pictures and more. In some cases, suspecting spouses will hire a private detective.


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