Divorce StorY # 3

The Conspiracy

So, what would you do if you found out your soon-to-be ex-wife or husband had been plotting against you?

That is what reportedly happened to one Tennessee man when he experienced a fairly frequent divorce horror story.

In his case, his wife took out a restraining order against him without his knowledge. He discovered this when he came home one day to their shared residence to discover that the locks had been changed. Things went downhill from there when his wife then called authorities. The police came and arrested the husband on charges of violating a restraining order. That arrest landed him in jail.

His wife thought that having her husband arrested would put her in better position to gain full custody of their children and receive more monetary awards.

In Washington, a person must be personally served a restraining order or protection order before they can be arrested for violating it.  But, it is possible for one party to seek an order removing the other party from their shared residence without advance notice to the party being removed.  The removed party typically is not given an opportunity to be heard for two weeks, during which time they are not permitted to be at or near their home, children, etc.

As such, one must show a realistic danger to have a judge grant a restraining order, not simply because a spouse or other such party (girlfriend, boyfriend, relative etc.) wants one. Now, the hope is that your divorce does not result in drama.


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