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Is Your Divorce About to Get Strange?

Going through a divorce can be one of the more traumatic things you have to deal with in your lifetime. A highly contested divorce can make an already difficult time much harder.  Some cases reach a ridiculous level of conflict, this typically happens when one party (or the opposing attorney) has a personality disorder, there are false or very exaggerated allegations of domestic violence, or one side is very angry about the divorce - often due to infidelity, etc.

By having a top-notch divorce law firm in your corner, you lessen the chances of your soon-to-be ex taking you on a wild ride.
So, is your divorce about to get strange?

What Might You Be in Store for?
In going through your breakup, the hope is that things will be as stable as possible as divorces go. When you have a solid family lawyer  working with you, you can feel better about the situation. He or she can help you stay on an even keel and focus on what is of most importance to you with your divorce. So, the hope is that your divorce has little or no drama in it. Speaking of drama, what would you do if your ex has a lot of money but he or she says you’re going to be lucky to see any of it?

If you are like one woman in Canada, you turn to the courts.
As one successful businessman found out when divorcing his wife of four decades, jail time is not entirely out of the question. This is when you refuse to pay your soon-to-be ex-wife $10 million the courts ordered you to.

When Brian Blatherwick refused for more than five years to turn over his money to his wife, the courts stepped in. Blatherwick, 66, ended up serving six months behind bars for his refusal to comply with a court order. By the way, he was reported to have multiple young girlfriends (including supporting several overseas families), bank accounts offshore and more. No; not your everyday divorce proceedings to say the least.

When you hire the best divorce attorney you can find, chances are your divorce will not be that dramatic.

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